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There are numerous books on the bookshelves about MRI physics, most of them aimed at those amongst us who are already experienced and have a fair understanding of physics. Few books are written for the absolute beginner, who does not have a degree in physics.  

As MRI becomes more and more accepted the need for more qualified staff is also increasing. Through the years operation of MRI scanners has become easier with each new software release, but this does not eliminate the need for proper understanding of how MRI works. MRI works with a host of parameters, such as TR, TE, Flip Angle, Phase Encoding to name but a few. A thorough understanding of these parameters is vitally important in order to produce a successful MRI image.  

What I am trying to do here is to write about MRI physics in such a way that everybody can understand the concept. It helps, of course, if one has been in contact with physics, but it is not absolutely necessary. Once you have a reasonable understanding of the concept you can go ahead and pick up one of the more advanced books.  

Some features:

  • Simple, easy language.
  • Based on 19 years of teaching experience.
  • Loads of illustrations and images.

I hope this book will introduce you gently into the exciting world of MR Imaging: the one imaging modality that never fails to amaze.  
Evert Blink,
MRI Application Specialist.

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