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Was trained as a radiographer at the Rooms Katholiek Ziekenhuis, Groningen, The Netherlands, where he worked in the field of general radiography for three years. Following this, he completed the training for radiotherapy technician at the Rotterdams Radio-Therapeutisch Instituut (RRTI), Rotterdam, The Netherlands and worked there for nearly three years. During this period he also worked with one of the first CT-scanners in Rotterdam. He then moved back to Groningen where he worked with CT and MRI for six years in the University Hospital (AZG). During this period he was also trained in Ultra-Sound. After a three-year period working with MRI in the Military Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he started to work for Toshiba Medical Systems Europe, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands in 1991 as an Application Specialist MRI.


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